Tips to Improve Online Advertisements

Online advertisements have become the easiest, most convenient and cost friendly ways to promote your businesses. However, just because it is easy does not mean that everybody gets it right. There are many basic things about online advertisements that the businesses get wrong and end up losing customers instead of gaining them. So, here are some of the tips that you can use to improve the online advertisements of your business.

1.       Keep the design of your advertisements simple. Putting too many details in the ad can overwhelm the viewer with information.

2.       Make sure you are crystal clear about what you want to communicate to the viewer with the ad. The best thing is to make your online advertisement interesting and attractive enough to make the viewer go to your official website or social media page. You sell more and are able to retain your customers if you sell directly from your main page rather than just from an online add.

3.       Once you have gotten the attention of the viewer, then they are probably going to find other ways to reach you. So make sure that you have all of your contact info, whether it is a phone number, your social media account, or your official website, listed on the ad. Don’t make it hard for your customer to reach you. 

4.       Highlight the important parts so that the viewer does not have to put much effort in trying to know what it is that you are selling.

5.       Choose the colors and design that is in alignment with the theme of your business as well in order to truly represent your business. But try to keep the amount of colors as minimum as possible, otherwise your ad might not look professional and your viewers might not take you seriously.

6.       In case you are using images than make sure that you are not using too many as the viewer can get confused that way.

7.       When it comes to the font, then keep simple and readable. Don’t go for the fancy ones as they are not professional. Also make sure that the colors of your font and the background are not cancelling each other out. Also avoid using all caps.

8.       If you have some promotion or discount going on then make sure it is the first thing that the viewer sees on your ad.

9.       Try to understand your target audience before making your ad and find ways on how to best convince them. Focus more on “Who” you are selling to rather than “What “you are selling. Be smart with your words.

10.   Make the ad in standard size so that you can get them posted on as many advertising networks as possible. This way you also won’t have to pay premium for size. Also avoid pop-up ads. Everyone finds them extremely annoying.

11.   One of the best thing about online advertisements is that you can change them as many times as you want if you are not getting your desired results. Do not be afraid to test and experiment. Be creative.

12.   In the end, make sure that you a have set a standard for testing the results. The ad is not of much use if it is only getting the viewers to your landing page and not making any sales.

Written by : isra