Moronel Plant of Life Natural Tea Powerful Cell Regenerator Mexican Herbs

Southern honeysuckle is a species of honeysuckle and its scientific name is Lonicers subspicata. It is majorly found in Mexican ecosystems. It is a shrub that grows in the form of vines and usually climbs on other plants and trees for support. It has a long, fuzzy spike and light yellow flowers and its fruit is a round red or yellow berry. There are two varieties of this, one is variety subspicata and the other is variety denudate which is commonly known as ‘moronel planta de la vida’. This moronel variety is best known for its medicinal benefits. Some may term it as ‘anti-cancer plant’ which is true because moronel is a powerful cell regenerator and can help cancer patients in their recovery. 


Other than this, it is also used to cure digestive problems that involve pain and swelling like enteritis and dysentery. It is a known natural anti-inflammatory plant and is often applied to the skin to reduce inflammation and itching. It also has antiseptic properties.

Upper respiratory tract infections like the common flu, cold, swine flu, pneumonia, and other viral and bacterial infections can also be cured by this. Although no scientific studies have been carried out, it is also effective in reducing brain swellings like encephalitis, fever, sores, headaches, diabetes, auto-immune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and cancer.


Some of its lesser-known uses are its use as a laxative, sweat-producing agent and for birth control. But, more evidence is required to rate the effectiveness of the moronel plant for these purposes. Research studies do back up the use of a moronel plant as an anti-inflammatory agent. Some research studies suggest that a combination moronel, Baikal skullcap, and forsythia administered intravenously by a certified health care provider may shorten the duration of respiratory viral infections like bronchiolitis, especially in children.


Moronel plant is also consumed in the form of tea and many nutritionists claim it to be a good detoxifying drink which can boost your metabolism. It is known to clear your stomach and keep your guts clean by flourishing the good gut bacteria.


Moronel natural tea is best known for its anti-cancer therapy because of its regenerating properties. A lot of scientific data has been collected which supports the use of moronel tea in cancer patients. A reduction in the tumor mass size was seen in patients who drank moronel tea. When combined with other Mexican herbs, its health benefits are increased.

This pack of moronel tea is 100% natural and can be consumed daily to achieve the benefits of moronel. 


It is to be noted that this information is only meant to supplement and not replace the advice given by a certified health professional. This information may or may not fit your health circumstances and it is advised that you seek medical advice from your doctor or a qualified health care provider before starting any treatment whether natural or chemical.

Written by : isra