kind of advertisements available on is a website that features advertisements for different businesses. It is a source of internet marketing for business owners. It was established to help business owners with traffic, their online presence, and to boost their sales. The major goal of is to be a one-stop spot for business owners to advertise their business.

There are many kinds of categories available at These categories include:

  1. Health
  2. Education
  3. Housing
  4. Electronics
  5. Community
  6. Pets
  7. Cars
  8. Services
  9. Fashion
  10. Resumes
  11. Collection
  12. Jobs
  13. Gardening

In the health category, products like multi-vitamins, organic supplements, and herbal teas are advertised. Medications that require a prescription are not advertised on the website for obvious reasons. The website does not support the advertisement of products that can be dangerous for your health.

The education category includes online book services, eBook subscriptions, coding manuals, and even DVD sets that be helpful for toddlers. All the business sources are authentic and supported by the website.

If you are a business that provides services like plumbing services, computer repair services, and other household services then you can also advertise at and your business will be featured in the service section. Even if you don’t own a website for your business, will provide your business location and helpline information so the consumers know how to contact you in times of need.

Popular businesses like Edmunds and Invasion Auto are featured in the cars category on the website. This shows that even reputable businesses like these rely on online advertisements. A direct link is also provided on the website so the consumers can directly assess the business website after they see the ad.

If you are looking for employees then you can post your job descriptions in the jobs section. Furthermore, you can also pot your resumes on the website if you are looking for a job. This system is beneficial for both i.e. people who are looking for jobs and people who are willing to hire employees. is visited by a lot of people in general and this will attract traffic towards your business or job resume. 

If you were to publish your advertisement privately then, the chances of your advertisement getting the primetime and traffic are pretty slim because the internet is flooded with ads.

The gardening section includes advertisements from popular magazines and websites ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ which is followed by a huge audience. 

If you are a collector of limited edition toys, action figures, and even collectible, vintage sets then you can put up advertisements of your collection on to attract buyers and boost up the sales of your business.

In conclusion, entertains a wide variety of businesses and therefore, attracts a lot of different types of consumers.

Written by : isra