Job Advertisements available at anuncios360

The pandemic and shut down of businesses have left many people unemployed. Either people are finding it extremely hard to get a job or they just lost the one they already had. Either way the pandemic has affected every person in different ways. And with no idea of when things will go back to normal, these unemployed people are wondering till how long they can survive on their savings. Fortunately, fate has many ways of helping people. With the loss of previous jobs, some new jobs have emerged as well. Some of these jobs have also put up their advertisements on the website of anuncios360.

So, if you are looking for a job, here some of the job advertisements available on the website of anuncios360 that you can check out;

-          A company in California is hiring for janitorial services. They need 2 people who have experience in professional cleaning and also have their own transport. Working hours are from 7 in the evening till 3:30 in the morning.  The location of the job is in the Commerce and the payrate is $13.25 per hour.

-           In case you have experience and the license of a Class A driver then they need six of them Bellflower. Experience of 2 years is required and the payrate is of $1800.00 a week. You might have to travel for 5 and a half days for this, but you will also be given 2 days off so that you can rest at your home.

-          As if eating sandwiches was not one of the best things in the world, now you are also being given the opportunity to make money by making them. As the jobholder of this position, you have duties and responsibilities that consist of more than just making sandwiches. Following recipes, excellent customer service, maintaining the cash register, keeping the kitchen neat and clean, and being able to lift 50 lbs. are just some of the requirements of this job.

-          Huntington Park is looking for seamstresses who are experienced in the field. The job is based in Los Angeles and the timings are from 3 pm to 11:30 pm. People who know how to overlock, cover stitch, and can work with 2 as well as single needles are requested to apply for the job.

In order to find more details of the mentioned jobs and many more that are being advertised on the website, visit the “ Jobs ‘ section of their website ( If you have any other skills and experience, then you can also put an advertisement on the website. Let them know of what services you can offer, and maybe you will get lucky and might get some job.

Written by : isra