Fashion Items on Sale at anuncios360

We all love fashion items, especially if we are getting them at discounted prices. With that said, following are some of the items that are being advertised on anuncios360 and you might want to check them out.

-          Charro Dress by Habibi Designs

Habibi Designs is known for making beautiful and exquisite dresses for special occasions like a baptism ceremony or communion. They design these pieces for both, boys and girls. Currently their Charro Dress is on sale. The dress is white in color with golden details and red flowers on the top layer. Each layer is also lined with red ribbons and the red flowers are also accompanied by some dark green leaves. The dress has full sleeves.

-          The Luis Cardini Women’s Gift Set

The Luis Cardini watch is sure to compliment all of your outfits. It has a sophisticated design and is manufactured using the stainless steel. The silver dial makes it even more stand out and grabs the attention of the viewer.

You also get to have the chic glasses and a pen in the gift set. Get this gift set for your friends or maybe just buy it for yourself. The entire gift set is available on the sale price of just $24.99, along with free shipping in the entire country.

-          Influential by Penthouse fragrance for Men

Men like to be given gifts as much as women. Although the options available as gifts for men might be less than there are options for women, but that does not mean that we cannot find any gift at all for them. This is where Influential gift set comes as savior. This 2-piece gift set is by the brand of ‘Penthouse ‘, which is known for making exceptional fragrances for men. The gift set includes the influential fragrance and a body wash.

The fragrance has a woody and aqueous scent that feels very clean and refreshing. You can get his amazing gift set at an amazing discounted price of just $28.99

-          Italia Wet & Dry Silky Facial Powder

Italia makeup is known for having products that have a wide variety of shade. Their products are not at all harmful for your skin. If anything, they serve as protection for your skin against the harmful rays of the sun and dust found in our environment. They are suitable for all skin types, dry or oily.

The wet and dry face powder is known as being the perfect face powder for any occasion. In case you want a full coverage then you can use it dry and for some natural look and sheer coverage you can apply it wet.

As mentioned before that their products have a wide range and luckily you can find two of these at discounted prices by clicking on the advertisements on the website of the anuncios360. One of the shade is toast while the other is light beige.

Written by : isra