Disney Animators' Collection Cinderella Doll 16

Cinderella doll is one of those characters which is heart favorite of girl of every age. It doesn’t matter how old a girl gets, her love for Cinderella never ends. Cinderella is one of those stories which is ever living.

Cinderella is an animated fantasy film first produced by Walt Disney productions in 1950.It dis Disney’s twelfth animated film. Disney animator Mark Henn imagined Cinderella as a very kind and gentle little girl whose mother told her to be kind and to always have faith. Disney Animators Collection Cinderella Doll 16 is a character who shows that those who always have hope never gets disappointed.

At the time Cinderella was first released in 1950 the Walt Disney Productions was on its verge of falling due to loss of connections to European film makers due to outbreak of World War 2. It is the first Disney movie in which all of the Disney’s nine old men worked together. After two years of production Cinderella was released on 15th February, 1950. It became Disney’s greatest hit after snow white.

People loved the character and story of kind and gentle Cinderella whose father’s early death leaved her into the unkind hands of her stepmother. Rudely treated by her step sisters, Drizella and Anastasia. Hoping that all of her dreams will come true one day.  In the end she finally met her price charming. Beautiful and loving Cinderella with her little pets stole the hearts of people and it raised the graph of falling admirers of Walt Disney Productions.

Since then Cinderella is recreated many time with sequels like Cinderella 2:Dreams come true that was released in 2002 and Cinderella 3:A twist in time that was released in 2007 and finally the love and admiration of people for Cinderella led to live action adaptation of Cinderella directed by Kenneth Branagh in 2015.

It is the most appreciated and loved character of Walt Disney productions from 1950 till now. All girls, no matter in which age group they are, love and fantasies Cinderella. It is one of the most famous production of Walt Disney Productions. It received three Academy Award Nominations and vest original song for “bibbidi bobbidi boo”.

People love Cinderella so much that they collect Cinderella dolls. Not only children but girls and females of all age groups love Cinderella and most of them love to Collect Cinderella dolls. Cinderella became a symbol of kindness, generosity, hope and beauty.

After seeing this love of people for Cinderella, Disney started to make the Cinderella dolls which became a collecting item for most of Cinderella fans. If you are a Cinderella doll collector then an animator’s collection doll is all you can wish for. And here we have it for you. This animator’s collection Cinderella is one of our favorite Disney princesses, created by Walt Disney Animation Studios in the celebration of the heritage. If you are a Disney Cinderella fan and Cinderella doll collector it is the best opportunity for you to buy it in most affordable price.


Written by : isra